We offer Genovar Certification – identity verification of your unique cannabis variety – and genetic insights based on your plant's genetic code. 

Map your populations, deepen your knowledge of your genetic assets, breed with confidence and build brand trust by offering ​products of a consistent genetic identity.

Your Plants, Your Data.

Whole Genome Sequencing

We provide the gold standard of genetic data: Whole Genome Sequencing at pinpoint accuracy: 15X coverage of the entire length of your plant's DNA.  We then interpret that data with extensive reporting to shed insight on what makes your plant's genome unique. Fuel your research and understanding with the most accurate genetic data available. 

Next-GeneratioN Genotyping 


Lighthouse offers the industry's first Infinium genotype chip, loaded with 40,000 targeted loci. We designed the chip to provide the most rapid and cost-effective genotyping method available for cannabis, yielding a high quality of data targeting numerous cannabinoid and terpene synthase genes. 

Genovar Certification

demonstrate your Claim

To protect your claim to genetic assets, we provide a blockchain-timestamped Genovar Certificate, documenting the precise genetic identity of your plant and clone line's unique genetic identity. Genetic identity of any certified clonal offspring can be rapidly verified through genotyping.

“Elephant in the Room”
Don't get us wrong – we love quietly flying under the radar. But with a buzz developing around Lighthouse Genomics,[...]