We deliver genomic analysis to the cannabis industry – cutting-edge bioinformatics with data drawn from whole genome sequencing and Lighthouse's proprietary array technologies. We provide valuable insights to clients by characterizing cannabis genovars with reports on ancestry, genetic stability, novelty and other key metrics – plus the industry's only Genovar ID certification standard to ensure that consumers receive a consistent product, time after time. 

Lighthouse also supports client breeding programs by identifying  genomic markers associated with important traits. We provide consultations from the early stages of experimental design through to the delivery an interpretation of results. 



We provide Whole Genome Sequencing at 15X coverage of your plant's entire length of DNA, allowing us to analyze over 10 Million variable elements. We either delivery  data raw, or run our proprietary bioinformatics processes to provide results according to your business and research needs. 

SNP Genotyping 

The Lighthouse Genovar Assay

We designed the LGA to support breeders, researchers and product authentication needs with the industry's most comprehensive genotyping array. It provides the most rapid and cost-effective method for obtaining high-density genomic data. The LGA targets approximately 40,000 strategically-selected genomic markers across over 5,000 unique genes and all chromosomes.

Marker-Assisted Breeding

Improve your genetic Assets

Business profits ultimately depend on the genetic fitness of cannabis assets. We collaborate with breeding programs to develop improved genetics specific to their needs. Screening a breeding population by genomic analysis reduces the time and costs of breeding, while increasing the precision of the results achieved. This can boost profits, brand reputation, production efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

“Elephant in the Room”
Don't get us wrong – we love quietly flying under the radar. But with a buzz developing around Lighthouse Genomics,[...]