Data Policy

Who Owns My Data?

You do. We deliver you your raw genomic data, and our analysis of that data in various forms. You can sell it, conduct research with it, or hang it on your wall – it’s yours! We do reserve the right to retain a copy to enable our analysis. As our database grows, we are able to provide more accurate reports for all of our clients. By comparing each genome to all others on file, we can better say what makes any given one unique, or just how unique it is relative to the general population. The larger the general population, the more accurate and informative the analysis. Our use is limited to performing and improving the services we provide. You, on the other hand, can do whatever you like with the data, because it’s yours.

You may from time to time hear that we’re supporting research to help make scientific breakthroughs. These research programs are special cases in which our partners supplying the genomic and phenotypic data are well-aware that they’re collaborating in making these discoveries. If you feel that you’re a candidate to help use your data to drive science, reach out to us! We feel strongly about deepening our industry’s supply of genetic knowledge, but we respect data privacy as a core value, so if you’re involved in our research, it’s because you want to be.

Unless you’re a research partner, we won’t leverage your data to make discoveries (beyond the inevitable, such as the genetic trends we observe across populations). But we’ll certainly leverage the discoveries we make in order to better interpret your data! The more knowledge we accrue, the more valuable we are as a resource to you.

Would Lighthouse Ever Sell My Data?

Absolutely not. If anyone sells your data, it will be you. Your plants, your data.

Who Owns Lighthouse – and What Motivates Them?

The majority of Lighthouse is owned by Lighthouse employees. We’ve taken a few valued investors to catalyze our startup but the original founders maintain voting control. We have been with the industry for decades, and have watched it grow from the tight-knit communities that are responsible for the genetic diversity of the species.

We built our company as a way to document the genetic diversity of cannabis, so that if modern trends in agriculture towards crop homogeneity start to impact cannabis, we and our clients can advocate and act, from an informed perspective, to preserve this diversity, above all those rare and valuable genetic outliers that might otherwise be lost to a paring down of the gene pool. We are more than a company – we are a movement.

Are There Any Parts of the Data that I Don't Own?

You own what goes in (the raw data) and what comes out of our bioinformatics pipeline (the analytics, minus the branding – and please feel free to re-publish your results in unaltered form).

The intermediate steps are part of the bioinformatics pipeline itself, and we’re cautious about revealing any of our “secret sauce” that ming allow people to backwards engineer parts of our process.

That said, we’re here to serve our clients, so if there’s a custom, processed form of your data that you’d like to see, we’ll consider working with you to produce it.

Is the Data Kept Private?

Yes. We don’t share or open-source your genetic data without your permission. By default the raw data is considered highly confidential information. Any scientists who work on it are contracted agents of Lighthouse Genomics, and obliged to respect that confidentiality.

Your Genovar Report is also confidential on our end, unless you choose to post it for others to see. We encourage you to use it for marketing, research and for building trust through transparency.

The one exception, is when very limited information is made accessible in certain aspects of our reporting. For example, almost any genovar may to appear on the “Relatedness” section of our Genovar Reports. There is a great benefit to seeing where a given genovar falls into the general population, and which other genovars are near or distant relatives. However, you have the right to opt out of this service, if total privacy is what you desire. This means other people won’t know the degree of relatedness between their genetics and yours. But by the same token, you won’t know where your genovars fall relative to theirs, so those opting out receive a more limited service. Very few clients opt out, however, because population genetics is such an interesting feature of our our reports.

The bottom line: all sensitive information is kept highly confidential by Lighthouse Genomics. We respect your right to decide who has access to your genetic information.