“Elephant in the Room”

Don't get us wrong – we love quietly flying under the radar.

But with a buzz developing around Lighthouse Genomics, we felt it was time to have our voice heard. 

The Vancouver Sun has Canada's highest circulation west of Ontario. It is also home to BC's veteran cannabis reporter, Ian Mulgrew, who has taken an interest in our story.

Ian placed our words alongside those of industry notables from Pasha Brands and Rocky Mountain High Canada. The story ran on various publications in the Postmedia empire, but received front-page treatment in Canada's major cannabis market, as pictured above.

 ...The situation, Harvey said, is the equivalent of farmers being allowed to sell Granny Smith apples as Galas or winemakers selling a Pinot Noir as a Merlot without concern because both are red with equivalent alcohol content.

“You can imagine, these cannabis products that are not genetically consistent, people could have reactions to getting the wrong strain, things like that,” Harvey said. “This is really about protecting the consumer at the end of the day.”

Canada legalized pot rapidly and some issues received short shrift such as the verifiable identity of products going on the shelves.

“There is no scientific basis for the identification of what is being called the cannabis strains or the varieties that consumer can now purchase,” Harvey explained. ...

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