Our Mission and Values


Our mission is to provide genetic insights while promoting integrity in the natural product supply chain. We serve consumers and brands by implementing a product authentication standard in collaboration with the most innovative and scientifically rigorous partners.  


Consumers will have full trust and confidence in a consistent product, with transparent standards in place to ensure that products consumed meet specifications.

For many natural products, this will include conforming to a precise genomic identity or falling within an allowable variance from a specified complex of genomic markers.


Service and Integrity
We value trust and authenticity, and carry out all business in the spirit of integrity and service to partners, stakeholders and our broader community.
Genetic Diversity
We are privileged to document genetic diversity within crop species. We support the preservation and generation of genetic diversity as a source of resilience for present and future generations.
Scientific Excellence
We are committed to operating at the highest scientific standards and to making contributions to the community of researchers involved with the species we study.

Outstanding Partnerships 
As a highly collaborative organization, we are committed to working with other partner companies, researchers and institutions who are outstanding in their field and demonstrate alignment with our values of integrity, innovation and excellence.

Consumer Trust and Public Health 
We are committed to building brand and consumer trust and to supporting initiatives that increase access to authentic natural products with known benefits to human health. 

Business as a Force for Good
We aim to produce social or environmental benefit through the work we do, and approach all of our relationships as an opportunity to uplift others with dignity and respect.