The Lighthouse Team has deep roots in the scientific and cannabis communities.

Timothy Harvey, CEO

Born in Vancouver, Harvey has a background in business, science journalism and cannabis R & D. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in private and public companies.

Inspired by challenge, Harvey spent three years on a campaign to circle the earth on zero emissions, which he completed in November 2006. Passionate about science, business, and the stories contained in cannabis DNA, Harvey founded Lighthouse Genomics to support business integrity and scientific advances in the cannabis industry. He enjoys marine adventure sports and reading biotech patents in his spare time. 

DR. anders goncalves da silva, CBO

(chief bioinformatics officer)

Dr. Goncalves da Silva, CBO is passionate about finding ways to use genetic data to inform better decision making. Since receiving his Ph.D. from Columbia University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2007, Goncalves da Silva has used his skills to help inform decision making in conservation biology, fisheries management, wildlife disease monitoring, and public health. He has experience designing, implementing, and accrediting Bioinformatics workflows and pipelines for public health. At Lighthouse Genomics, Goncalves da Silva brings the same high levels of standards needed for public health to the Cannabis industry. He leads the development of Bioinformatic workflows that are fully reproducible, traceable, and validated to ensure their reliability, accuracy, and precision. 


Dr. Henry holds a doctorate degree in evolutionary genetics and has served as an an adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia, and led numerous scientific initiatives in the cannabis industry. His primary focus is using genomic analysis to gain insight into the genetic basis for traits of importance the human experience of cannabis. Henry brings wide-ranging expertise and a rich endowment of knowledge to Lighthouse Genomics.


(Chief Growth Officer)

Hlady provides Lighthouse with business insights gained over decades of entrepreneurship. He has advised and directed multiple software, clean energy and entertainment companies. Among his recent achievements has been founding one of Western Canada's fastest-growing advanced building solution tech construction firms. Hlady places heavy emphasis on building solid relationships, work ethic and pursuing creative innovation driven by true market needs.