The Lighthouse Team has deep roots in the scientific and cannabis communities.

Timothy Harvey, CEO

Harvey brings decades of experience in the cannabis industry as a ​creator of medicinal cannabis varieties. Born in Vancouver, Harvey has a background in journalism​, international adventure and science ​reporting. Harvey enjoys advocating for gene sequencing in the cannabis industry to authenticate the identity of ​genovars, to drive science and to allow consumers to place trust in a premium and consistent supply. 

DR. Philippe Henry, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Henry holds a doctorate degree in evolutionary genetics and has served as an an adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia, and led numerous scientific initiatives in the cannabis industry. His primary focus is using genomic analysis to gain insight into the genetic basis for traits of importance the human experience of cannabis. Dr. Henry brings wide-ranging expertise and a rich endowment of knowledge to Lighthouse Genomics.

Jai Wilson, MHA, CAO

Jai Wilson comes to Lighthouse following seven years at a government agency leading a team of 70 employees. His attention to detail in complex budgets with multiple revenue centres makes Wilson a key asset to the Lighthouse team. He holds a Masters of Health Administration from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. With roots in Australia and Vancouver, Canada, Wilson enjoys catching dawn light from a paddleboard.

Dr. Gina conte, Scientific advisor

Dr. Conte holds a doctorate degree in Evolutionary Genetics from the University of British Columbia. She has made ground-breaking discoveries in the genetic basis of traits in life forms including Hawaiian crickets, pea aphids, three-spine sticklebacks and sunflowers. Dr. Conte advises in Lighthouse’s research partnerships and oversaw the initial version of a bioinformatics pipeline designed to provide absolute certainty of identity of cannabis genomes.