About us



A proponent of data-driven business execution, Mr. Harvey has a background in cannabis R&D, business leadership in private and public companies, public relations, intellectual property and journalism. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Harvey oversaw the transition of Ashburton Ventures from mineral exploration into production and sales of industrial zeolite in 2017 and 2018. 

Mr. Harvey is a PR campaign specialist focusing on high-value earned media. His work has appeared on the front page of publications including the National Post, on CBC TV’s Evening News and numerous international media outlets. Mr. Harvey has served in a paralegal capacity to business negotiations including the successful sale of a Vancouver Island music festival to a larger entertainment company.



Dr. Henry holds a doctorate degree in evolutionary genetics and has served as an an adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia, and led numerous scientific initiatives in the cannabis industry. His primary focus is using genomic analysis to gain insight into the genetic basis for traits of importance the human experience of cannabis. Dr. Henry brings wide-ranging expertise and a rich endowment of knowledge to Lighthouse Genomics. A multi-linguist with Swiss heritage and South African roots, Dr. Henry has a talent for making the most advanced scientific processes meaningful to the business community. He enjoys collaborative publishing and administers a Health Canada licensed Research facility on behalf of VSSL



Tim Ewanchuk has over 20 years of technology, innovation and economic development experience working as Senior Policy Advisor and Director with both the Provincial and Federal Governments. Mr. Ewanchuk served as the Director of Knowledge Transfer and Commercialization in the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Research, Technology and Innovation between 2008-2012, during which time he was the key Ministry contact responsible for the corporate governance of Innovate BC (the BC Government Crown Agency that directly supports BC’s innovation ecosystem).  In addition, while at the BC Research and Innovation Branch, he was part of the core team that led the development and implementation of the BC Research and Innovation Strategy, a team also responsible for the funding and management of major provincial innovation initiatives totalling in excess of $250 M (including the BC Centre for Drug Research and Development, DigiBC, Science World and Genome BC among others).



Dr. Goncalves da Silva, CBO is passionate about finding ways to use genetic data to inform better decision making. Since receiving his Ph.D. from Columbia University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2007, Dr. Goncalves da Silva has used his skills to help inform decision making in conservation biology, fisheries management, wildlife disease monitoring, and public health. He has experience designing, implementing, and accrediting Bioinformatics workflows and pipelines for public health. At Lighthouse Genomics, Dr. Goncalves da Silva brings the same high levels of standards needed for public health to the Cannabis industry. He leads the development of Bioinformatic workflows that are fully reproducible, traceable, and validated to ensure their reliability, accuracy, and precision.