Lighthouse Cannabis Assay


All prices CAD.  Volume Discounts.

We deliver:

  • Two types of detailed reports: the “Genovar Report” for each submission, and the “Population Report” for your genetic population.
  • With over 10 samples tested, a complimentary live consulting session.

Product Options:

  • Progressive Pricing Discounts (under $100 / Sample with high volume).
  • Genetic Strategy Consulting
  • Custom services to develop, document and deploy your genetic assets.


  • Two report types: the Population Report analyzes your gene pool, and the Genovar Report characterizes each genome you submit.
  • Support Breeding programs.
  • Access live consulting for breeding and report interpretation.
    Reports cover:
  • Ancestry (% Indica, Sativa, and other ancestral groups)
  • Relatedness (Closest and Most Distant Relatives)
  • Genetic Novelty
  • Stability (Homozygosity)
  • State of Genes of Interest (coming soon)
  • Clustering: where your Genovars fall within the broader population.