Whole Genome Sequencing


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  • Most complete and accurate genetic assay on the market.
  • 15X coverage of whole cannabis genome.
  • Genovar Report: detailed analysis of genetic traits, stability, ancestry and more.
  • Population Report: analysis of whole population of tested genovars.
  • Certificate of Genetic Identity (upon request).
  • State of functionally important genes: includes multiple cannabinoid and terpene synthase genes (Pending).
  • Data suitable for research purposes.
  • Receive ongoing Genovar Report updates as new findings add value to your reports.
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  • 12+ Gigabases of genetic data.
  • Data run through custom bioinformatics software.
  • Deliverables include raw data, Genovar Report, Genovar Certificate, QR codes and Genovar ID figures for labelling.